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April 01 2013


Tell the truth , i would like to have pancakes for my breakfast

I'm Chinese,Having said that,longing for all kinds of scrumptious foods all around the planet,espically for pancakes.While have no strategy on what the precedure of one particular delicacy is !

Nevertheless within my sight,I have been to Henan for remeber my mother very much final Nationwide Day .They were at operate at the time ,but had herself free of charge for quite a few days ,i know ,using the function to get care of me .The following day we rushed to some supermarket.Shop till the pounds drop at the mall, test on no less than ten outfits, both pants and shirts. No have to acquire!Nevertherless,i in no way do that until fall in appreciate with some outfits at my initially sight.Why never i've a habit of crazily puting on clothing ,maybe considerate for your negative consequence for all those staff. who understands ? Ok,quit this topic. The level is definitely the joyful shopping working experience with my mom.At last, we the two chose the outfit deserable.

About the way went back residence ,what impressed me most is street pedlar.I saw an old lady masterly building 1 pancake .With curiousity fulfilled me, i approched her with my mom behind me .The outdated lady say "hello"to us,and questioned the number of bindaetteok we wished.Just after getting tasted a bit of a single pancake in my hand,i never understand what drived me at that time ,"i seriously value if you can tell me how you make it so delicious".Of cause,she is gernerours, a only but sincere description of it ,They may be manufactured with ground mung beans ,green onions ,peppers,and in plenty of situations,Kimchi.They may be fried on the pan which has a bit of oil and are exceptionally easy to generate !

No mom will not possess a excellent awareness of their young children about what they want.Ahead of i'm leaving,my mom surpised me,she manufactured some bindaetteoks for me with her magic hands,the flavour hardly ever worse than that old lady.In my daily life ,they give also substantially really like to me.My appreciation can't be expressed with any magnificent!


Enjoy this distinctive flavour ,I fall in really like with all sorts of pancakes !why not throw the best vegetables you??ve ever tasted rather? I guess fantastic !

Can you make this style ?haha

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